The marketer journey

Creating a smooth, tailored onboarding experience for marketers to bring their data together in one place.
2019, Product Designer

The problem

Observing user behaviour through usability tests and tracking app usage revealed a high entry barrier for new users trying Klipfolio. The team found out that about 70% of trial users would leave the product within the first 5 minutes of the trial experience.

To better understand the profile and expectations of trial users, we ran a customer survey. The results showed that 34% of trial users identify themselves as marketers. Moreover, we found out that marketer trial users would converge into customers at a higher rate.

1) User engagement dropped during the trial experience
2) A third of trial users are 'Marketers'

Heuristic evaluation

With the insights from the research in mind, the next step in the process was to conduct a heuristic evaluation to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement. The heuristic evaluation of the onboarding experience was a collaborative effort that required each team member to go through the experience of signing up for a trial and building a dashboard.

The heuristic evaluation identified several issues:
1. User flow was long with unnecessary steps, failing to set the users' expectations. What the users were supposed to do, where they were, and what was coming next.
2. User interface was inconsistent and poorly designed. Many call-to-actions and primary buttons are on the same page, competing for users' attention. Labels and text messages were generic and did not resonate with users.
3. Recovering from error was difficult. When things went wrong, it was tough to go back and recover. The back button behaviour was awkward, resetting the flow instead of going back to previous steps. The error messages were not meaningful nor offered a solution.
4. No delight moments. When users managed to complete the flow, there was no celebration of success or suggestions of the following best actions.

Target persona

Nina is a Digital Marketer for a small software startup with about 60 employees. She's responsible for driving the digital communication strategies and tracking their effectiveness for the company.

Nina is always looking for the most effective methods and tools for tracking campaign effectiveness and doesn't want to be blocked by IT or Analysts to visualize her data.

Business opportunity

Creating a smoother onboarding experience for Marketers, we hoped to achieve higher engagement with Klipfolio from this audience resulting in better trial to customer conversion rates.

Additionally, focusing on Marketers made sense because the product already had a substantial number of tailored marketing services, which will enable this journey.

To make it easier to articulate the design challenge, we framed it with the following question:

How might we create a smoother onboarding experience for marketers?

The goals for this project

1. Marketers should be able to create meaningful dashboards with their data in 1 minute or less.
2. Marketers should be able to explore and learn how visualizations in the dashboards were made. So they will experience the value and potential Klipfolio has to offer.

Final design