Hi, I'm Dan.

Currently, I'm a Senior Product Designer at Momentive helping people turn feedback into action.

Over the years, I helped companies worldwide to create products that solve people's needs. My primary practice revolves around solving complex problems and designing for meaningful experiences having people at heart.

I'm a curious and thoughtful designer that thrives where complexity needs simplification. That means I usually take an analytical approach to solving problems. I look for facts to understand a situation and I love taking a deep dive into all kinds of challenges always open to new ideas.

I'm a connector that believes in bringing cross-functional partners to the design process. I help teams navigate uncertainty and deliver well-thought-out design solutions. My colleagues often describe me as a considerate, calm, strong team player, and they enjoy working with me.

I love talking about how Design can change the world and improve people's situations. I have a special interest in Design Fiction and how thinking about the future can help us design better in the present.

Let's stay in touch.

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