The solution

The Return to Work solutions is a set of unique surveys designed to solve specific needs in the organizations' employee feedback cycles. The key features that help users solve their needs are:

  • fully embedded and native
  • easy to use and intuitive
  • create from scratch or template
  • aggregated feedback
  • single source of feedback truth for enterprise

Initial research

Insights from initial research highlight how customers want feedback to help organizations drive better experiences for their stakeholders:

  • Fully 67% of respondents find that it would be extremely or very useful to gather feedback from employees to help shape what meetings should be like in a post-COVID world.
  • For 70% of respondents, gathering input from meeting attendees sounds like making meetings better where they work. Yet, only 54% of workers say they’ve ever been asked for feedback about meetings they regularly attend.
  • Recognition of the power of gathering feedback translates across all levels of the organization: 70% of entry-level and middle managers and 69% of executives find it useful.
How might we enable meeting organizers to boost productivity and create more engaging experiences in their virtual meetings?

SurveyMonkey + Zoom

Making virtual meetings more engaging and productive with real-time feedback.
2021, Product Designer

The problem

As businesses reimagine and adjust to new work norms, qualities and characteristics that drive meeting effectiveness need to be defined and guided through data and insights.

The future of work is hybrid. Companies can adapt to changing circumstances with agility and empathy only if they have enterprise-grade feedback and the technology necessary to fuel collaboration and foster connection in a hybrid work world.

Get started quickly with pre-built templates or create from scratch in the meeting.

Quickly customize templates to make them your own.
Make feedback more effective with multiple question types.

Share your feedback in the meeting through polls or surveys.

Share results to engage your audience and collaborate on feedback.
View results with bar charts or a word cloud when using open-ended questions.